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State Legislature Couldn't Ignore Hundreds of Motivated Homeschoolers
"Every marathon has a critical moment," Peter Kamakawiwoole told Hawaiian homeschoolers after their hard-won legislative victory. "This was yours. And you crushed it."
Homeschooling on the Rise
Major Victory: SB 2323 Sponsor Asks for Bill to be Withdrawn
Senator Yanks Bill Requiring Background Checks for Parents Who Homeschool
SB 2323: Sign the Petition!
Teen’s Success Story Debunks Homeschool Myths
SB 2323 Scheduled for Valentine’s Day Hearing: Act Now
Could Teams of Homeschool Students Soon Compete against other Kentucky Schools?
Perris “House of Horror” Allegations a Bad Pretext to Regulate Homeschools
Home Is Where the School Is
A Winning Combination
Why Parents of Children with Autism are Opting for Homeschooling
Red Alert (Not a Drill): Three Bills would require Approval, Criminal Background Checks
Homeschoolers Flood the New Hampshire State House
Homeschool Sports Leagues Continue Steady Growth
12-Year-Old Prodigy Alma Deutscher on Homeschooling and Mozart
Homeschool Advocates Monitoring British Bill
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